A country of marvellous traditions and contrasts - lively cities and picturesque villages - a thousand ways to visit.

England is exciting in every way, a country with many nooks and crannies that allows its visitors to explore it in a thousand different ways. Ancient castles, museums, theatres, bars, natural spaces and various activities to immerse yourself in ancient traditions.

The destination is rich in history and this is tangible in every street of its cities; with historical monuments, museums and emblematic buildings such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Stonehenge that allow you to explore unimagined frontiers.

Culturally, it offers options for all tastes. The most famous bands known throughout the world for their music originated on the streets of Liverpool, London and Manchester. In addition to its literary, artistic and fashionable contribution, this destination offers a variety of events such as Wimbledon, Notting Hill Carnival, the Edinburgh Festival and the Chelsea Flower Show.

England has a wide range of restaurants, bars and pubs serving traditional and modern dishes. Cosmopolitan gastronomy is complemented by typical dishes such as fish and crisps, roast beef and the unmissable afternoon tea.

For nature lovers, the countryside offers landscapes that are hard to forget. From the beaches of Cornwall and the Dorset coast to the green hills of the Cotswolds and the gardens of Kent. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are a variety of parks and nature reserves for adventurous tourist activities such as walking, cycling, surfing, kiteboarding, paragliding and climbing.

Reasons to visit England are many; all that remains is to dream of the ideal itinerary, pack your bags and travel.

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